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101 Rules


101 Knock out Rules. please see documents for a printable version.

    The team must consist of 3 players; you can mix teams from different venues.

    When you break for the first time you get 2 shots, all other breaks will only be 1 shot.

    Only the first break is to be taken from behind the baulk, all other breaks are to be taken from where the white ball stops, the only exception is when it stops in the area of the triangle.

    If there is a foul you may place the white ball anywhere on the table with 1 shot only.

    Toss a coin to determine the first break.

    The players visit lasts until a ball is not potted or the player fouls in accordance to the Shipley rules. If there is a foul all points gained from the visit will not be counted, if the visit ends on a legal shot then all the points accumulated during that visit will be marked off on the score sheet by the opposition, the visit then goes to the next player on the opposing team.

    The visits goes in turn e.g. team 1 player 1 then team 2 player 1 then team 1 player 2 etc.

    The points during a visit are counted by the opponent as they will ref like normal.

    There is to be NO coaching / discussing shots between teams during a visit. You can discuss between visits however during a visit it is to be acted like a singles game, if this happens it is deemed a foul.

    Normal Shipley and district rules apply with the above exceptions.

    The draw will be done at league meetings; a time limit for games will be decided at the draw.

    First team drawn will decide venue, please inform the venue to reserve the table and Angie to update the website.

    Winning team must text result as normal and bring the score card to the next meeting.

    1 scorecard per match.

    Winners of the final will receive a trophy

    Entry fee is £2 each (£6 per team)


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